Prof. George Openjuru Ladaah   


For the purpose of our Constitution, the following definitions apply:

Vice Chancellor

Is the chief academic and executive officer of the University, sometimes called “Rector,” “President” or some equivalent title.

Uganda Vice Chancellors’ Forum

Preamble from the Constitution: “We the members of the Vice Chancellor’s Forum of Uganda’s Universities and Degree awarding Institutions of Higher Learning Realizing the need to make a contribution to Higher Education in this country and the world at large; AWARE that the aforementioned objective can effectively be achieved through an organized forum CONVINCED that through concerted efforts we can uplift the standards of Higher Education in Uganda through physical and moral contribution- DO HEREBY RESOLVE to form a Uganda Vice Chancellors’ Forum (UVCF)”.

Deputy Academic Officer

Is a senior academic and executive officer of the University, which can include the “Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs” or “Academic Registrar” or some equivalent title.

University / Degree Awarding Institution

Is an institution of higher education offering a curriculum of multiple programmes over the field of knowledge. In accordance with the Universities and other Tertiary Institutions Act, Constituent Colleges of universities, and professional Colleges and Institutes and other study centers, whether independent or affiliated with Universities, do not qualify as Universities.